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What am I allowed to use on Test Date/Proctor U

7richardanderson77richardanderson7 Monthly Member
in General 7 karma

I was just wondering what things I could use on test date. For example, how many pieces of paper, and what type, if I can consume food/drink, etc.

Also, when it comes to Proctor U, do I just go on the website and the test is available? Basically, is there anything special I need to do before tomorrow for the test?

Thank You


  • lynn.jia159lynn.jia159 Monthly Member
    53 karma

    Yo, I took the test for the first time in November. I recommend logging onto the ProctorU site early and running all the diagnostics. When it's time, there will be a button on your ProctorU site to launch the exam. Your virtual proctor will run through your computer real quick, close all your windows and take you the exam.
    You can have:
    - 5 pieces of blank paper (you have to show the front and back to the proctor)
    - multiple pens
    - I had water and a cup of coffee on my table but everything else must be cleared off.

    You proctor will ask that you show them the whole room, so be ready to carry your laptop around your space.

    Be sure to have your ID, they will check it.

    Good luck!!

  • 7richardanderson77richardanderson7 Monthly Member
    7 karma

    Thank you, I appreciate it!

  • Journey of RahulJourney of Rahul Monthly Member
    45 karma

    @"lynn.jia159" said:
    - I had water and a cup of coffee on my table but everything else must be cleared off.

    I assume the water has to be in a transparent bottle, but do they care if coffee is in a mug? Sounds stupid but who knows what restrictions there may be.

  • asdf12345asdf12345 Alum Member
    271 karma

    are mechanical pencils allowed

  • lynn.jia159lynn.jia159 Monthly Member
    53 karma

    You're probably already in your test, but no, my water bottle wasn't transparent, and it was fine.

    Mechanical pencils are fine!

  • emmorensemmorens Monthly Member
    1470 karma

    For anyone still to write: I emailed LSAC and you can also use a laptop stand, bluetooth keyboard and mouse (if you want to!) I've used all those items while studying so I just wanted to ensure I would have no issues.

    Earplugs are also permitted! Not any electronic type obviously just the regular foam ones to block out noise.

  • _iamnw96_iamnw96 Alum Member
    437 karma

    Didn’t know you could have coffee and mechanical pencils! Yay

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