The Loophole - Highly Recommend

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This book has changed my perspective on LR.
I highly recommend. This book, coupled with the core curriculum, is gold.
I finally found myself getting the correct answers almost automatically.
The trick : even though the book is written in "layman's terms" - I made a Quizlet set for each chapter. This will help you tremendously if you're struggling with LR.

Have you read The Loophole?
  1. Yes - it helped tremendeouly.244 votes
    1. Yes - but just made things more confusing
    2. No - but heard of it.
    3. No - what is The Loophole ?


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    Yes, but I think I went through it so quickly that it did not really impact my score. I am still missing as much as I was before, but I plan to go through it again and make flashcards as you suggested. I still think it's a game changer in that it really help me think about the questions and answers in a new way.

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    Hey there!!

    I'd love to check out the quizlet set you created - any way you can send me the link??

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    I would love to see it as well if you're open to sharing!

  • havinagrattimhavinagrattim Member
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    If you don't mind sharing, I'd also love to see the Quizlet! Thanks!

    Also, obviously it sounds like you have a had a very positive experience using both 7sage and Loophole, but how well do they complement each other? I know some people don't mind juggling different approaches, but I'm not sure if I want to delve into something that will push me to alter the way in which I have learned to approach LR through 7sage.

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    Following to see if he posts the quizlet :)

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    Loophole helps me understand the NA and SA better. I rarely got the NA questions wrong unless they are 4-5 stars. Before reading the book, I even got the 2-3 stars wrong.

    The book emphasizes translating the stimuli into your own words and has strategies to do so. With that skills, you will often find the loophole / correct answer choice even before reading the answer choices.

    Highly recommend this book.

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    Any way to access the book online?

  • ChinaBoyChinaBoy Member
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    Following in case OP posts quizlet link

  • jpoznan0587jpoznan0587 Core Member
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    I messaged anyone who asked for the Quizlet :-) with my link.

  • Student1015Student1015 Member
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    I would love to get the link as well too if you're willing to share! Thank you so much! cries

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    I would love the link to your quizlet if you don't mind sharing

  • jpoznan0587jpoznan0587 Core Member
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    NZ- yes I found that the SA - conclusion - NA method helped me TREMENDOUSLY - especially the "Thor Hammer" example

    Snowerdavid - I'm not sure if it comes in digital format but you would be better off buying it to do the exercises in the book. This is the website :

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    Can I have the link to your quizlet too please?

  • jpoznan0587jpoznan0587 Core Member
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    Also : this is how I balanced everything with the abundance of resources out there.

    It may not work for everyone but it helped me so I figured I would pass it along. Also, Message me if you would like my quizlet link :smiley: With this crazy 2020 - 2021 , I'm hoping this can bring a little ease to such a stressful time. Also - I am by no means an LSAT expert, but I found balancing the below resources this way helped the most:

    I wasn't learning much from 7Sage LR - it was going too fast for me personally. I'm not a fast learner because I've never taken a logic course in my life ... so I needed to make the decision to slow down and not be so focused on a test date like it's a timeline. That was literally keeping me up at night which did nothing to help me study with no sleep. I had to put my ego aside and realize, for me personally, learning LR is like learning a new language. I know this is not the same for everyone - some people (like my Father whose doesn't even have a Bachelor's, can answer LSAT questions correctly from me just reading them to him! )

    SO once I completed CC on LR in 7Sage, then I completely stopped looking at the 7Sage CC and dedicated 100% of my time the The Loophole

    Prior to 7Sage, I started with LG and found the PSB (Powerscore Bibles helped me the most re: LG ) - that was over the summer. Then I had to sort of take a step back when I realized JY's methods weren't working for me in particular for LR and realized I needed to focus solely on The Loophole. I did everything separately if that makes sense.

    There are alot of LSAT questions in The Loophole with accompanying explanations online which helps a lot. Their written out - not videos. I find JY , as helpful as he is, assumes that I know more than I do and he zooms through the explanations so quick ! I also made universal and existential quantifiers from 7Sage on my Quizlet and coupled it with Loophole. The Loophole simplifies it whereas I felt that whole chart thing JY had made my head dizzy. That's the only time they overlapped on my Quizlet. (7Sage and Loophole)

    The main thing that helped was being able to understand I need to take my time and not set a test date in stone, this was key , but instead slowly work towards a target score not a target test date. When I did that, my anxiety went away a lot. The anxiety and no sleep was stopping me from focusing correctly. Ironically, slowing down my studying helped me to speed up my understanding, and in turn, speed up my time in answering LR.

    I also have Mike Kim's LSAT Trainer book which I was told is best for RC. I haven't started RC yet b/c I think from reading so much stimuli in The Loophole - I can get through RC passages much faster. (My diagnostic on 7 Sage was 154 / 158 w/BR and my worst section was RC)

    Im shooting to April FLEX - but am in no rush - especially considering the state of the world. My goal is to apply for early admissions/scholarship for 2022 at Rutgers where I am an alumni and I look at it as the extra study time will pay off if I can do the accelerated program and get schooling done quicker anyway.

    Basically: I got LG down first over the summer using Powerscore, did the LR CC on 7Sage, totally stopped 7Sage to read The Loophole and if you have the time- do about 8 hrs a day ( I was laid off and live with my parents so I fortunately have the opportunity to dedicate full time to LSAT study) and I'm almost done with reading The Loophole in 3 weeks. It's worth it if LR isn't making sense to you via 7Sage.

    Then I will start Reading Comp with Mike Kim's Trainer.

    I like the digital format of 7sage which is why I like to do questions on here but I am saving as much as I can for PTing until I really understand LR so that I'm not using the limited resource of questions before I'm fully prepared.

    Did that make any sense ? lol.

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    If you could send me the link too, that would be great. I found it good for some purposes, but it confused me with the approaches for a few question types.

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    Could I get the link for the quizlet? thanks!

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    Hello. Can I receive the link for quizlet as well? Thank you!

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    Hi! Can you please send the link for the quizlet too? Thank you so much!!

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    Could I have the link as well?

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    Just got the Loophole book! Excited to develop my LR skills. Could you please send me the Quizlet? Would love to check it out.

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    Can I have the link? Thanks!

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    Hey can you send me the link if you can :)
    Thank you.

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    Thank you for sharing your thought. I read the loophole book two times. Could I get your Quizlet link?

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    Could I also get the quizlet please? :)

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    would also love to get the quizlet! Thank you so much!

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    could i also get the link?

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    Could I get the link as well? Thank you so much!

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    I loved the Loophole as well but haven't looked at it in a bit. I would love to see your Quizlet!

  • Looking for a quizlet link, please and thank you

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    Hi, could you send me the link? Thanks in advance!

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    Could I also get the quizlet link? Thank you so much for sharing your experience!!

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    Can I get the Quizlet please? TIA

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    Hello and thanks!! I would appreciate access to your Quizlet.

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    Hi. Thank you so much for this! Could you please send me the quizlet link?

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    Can I have the Quizlet link please? Thank you so much for sharing and is super helpful!

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    Hi, I'd also like the quizlet link please! :)

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    Me too, can you please share your quizlet link? Thanks in advance!

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    Hi, I would profoundly appreciate it if I can possibly obtain the quizlet link! Thanks!

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    Hello, I'd also like the quizlet link please :smiley: tysm!

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    Hey, I'd love to get a link to your Quizlet too, thanks for sharing! I completed the CC but was still struggling with LR and then got the Loophole. I like how 7Sage approaches logic and I personally don't want to re-learn logic from any other source but I get what you mean about JY going too fast. Some explanations don't do it for me either.

    What I found out in the process was that explanations should not be relied upon. It's much more efficient to come up with your own explanations for the purpose of learning. We'd probably be better of if we only consulted the explanations when really stuck.

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    If you would be willing to share your quizlet link with me, I'd appreciate it very much :) sending positivity!!

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    Hi. Would you kindly share your quizlet link, please? Thank you!

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    If it's not too late, I'd appreciate it if you could send me the link!

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    Yes, may I get the quizlet?

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    Hi, are you willing to share the quizlet link? I am so interested but really can't afford more LSAT books right now.

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    Hey! Could you send me the link to the quizlet, please? I just ordered the Loophole, I have seen so many people recommend it on here, so I figured it was time!

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    I read it. Could you send me your quizlet with link?

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