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Help Compare Two Answer Choices from a Method of Reasoning Question

Leon-on-the-LsatLeon-on-the-Lsat Monthly Member
edited January 2021 in Logical Reasoning 384 karma

Below are two answer choices of a method of reasoning question.
(I don't quite remember which PT they are from exactly; they were transcribed here from my LSAT language journal.)

[A] demonstrates a certain principle is untenable on its own terms.
[B] shows that the idea should not be taken since doing so leads to an undesirable consequence.

I am okay with B whereas it's very difficult for me to reverse engineer an argument suitable for A.

Q1 Could someone help formulate such an argument?

Q2 Could someone explain what does it mean by "untenable on its own terms"?

Many thanks,



  • happy_omelethappy_omelet Alum Member
    24 karma

    I think that "untenable on its own terms" is just a verbose way of saying that it's invalid/weak/ineffective in its current form.

  • hassanmalikjhassanmalikj Alum Member
    9 karma

    Untenable on its own terms means that it contradicts itself. The conclusion contradicts the premises. For example, "The restaurant opens at five o'clock and it begins serving between four and nine." In this case, I would say that it is the principle that you can get food served before the store opens is untenable on its own terms.

  • Leon-on-the-LsatLeon-on-the-Lsat Monthly Member
    384 karma

    Thank you all so much! So such a principle would be like: teachers should encourage their students to keep a healthy, balanced diet and eat as many snacks and food as they want.

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