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Miss More on Blind Review

What would you say it means that I consistently miss more AFTER doing blind review than in my initial run of a problem set? Is it just a matter of second guessing myself too much or is it a bigger fundamental issue? If it's just a matter of second guessing, any advice on how to combat it? Thanks fellow LSAT warriors!


  • swanganieswanganie Yearly Member
    edited February 2021 294 karma

    Advice I've gotten is that you should be 100% confident about the answers you choose in BR. I'm not sure what it means to second guess yourself in BR. If it's truly blind, you should be reviewing flagged questions on a clean exam (but then again I don't typically remember exactly what I've chosen after a 25question section haha. Some people might which could color their BR).

    If it's the case that you are 100% sure about your BR answers, then it likely points to a deeper issue. When you do the next level of review, you should really figure out what made you choose the ACs that you did. Did you misread the question stem? Not understand part of the game/stimulus/passage? Miss a word?

  • swanganieswanganie Yearly Member
    294 karma

    If you share more about what kind of issues you're seeing b/w OG run and BR, that might help more of us on the forums provide other suggestions :)

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