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145 to 155

Thank you 7sage and JY.

You have changed my life.

My first attempt in trying to study by myself was a utter failure. I studied for over 2 months and took the November test. I received a 146.

Then I decided to spend that extra money and invest in a teacher. My only regret is not doing it sooner. I went from a 146 to a 155 in just less than 2 months.

JY, thank you.

You really do change lives with your teachings.

I looked for a way out in my darkness for a really long time. My only way through was LSAT. It was my chance to escape. I wish I could go in more detail but I'll keep it short.

JY, LSAT, Law school, my life is about to change.

I usually don't write anything like this on a public forum but I needed closure.

Goodbye LSAT. It has been the hardest thing I ever had to do. It was a self-battle all the way. I cried and cried and cried.
I told myself I could do it and I did.

I wasn't aiming for the sky but a 155 still seemed so impossible.
This was all I needed and now I have it.

I will forever be grateful. I couldn't be happier.

If you're reading this and you feel like shit. You can do it. If I can, anyone can.

Goodbye 7sage and to the best teacher I ever had.


  • NyraA098NyraA098 Core Member
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    Congrats, job well done! Do you have any advice for improving a score in less than 2 months? I'm scheduled to take the LSAT in April and am currently scoring in the 140s on practice tests.

  • TheMommaBearTheMommaBear Member
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    Congrats, and good luck at law school!

  • JY DiscipleJY Disciple Live Member
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    This test is hard, and every point is huge so this is a big improvement. Congrats!

  • JDream2023JDream2023 Core Member
    797 karma

    That’s a great feeling. Enjoy every minute of it. Congratulations.

  • @NyraA098 You can totally improve your score in 2 months! That is what I did. I would get an early night sleep around 10pm and wake up early and I studied all day. I know that sounds impossible but if you have the luxury of time, I recommend it. I sat on my chair from 8am to 8pm for 7 weeks and followed the study schedule of 7sage. I spent 3 weeks doing all the lessons but if you could, dedicate a full month in learning the lessons. Then I took 1 test everyday for the next month and spent the day reviewing. I know that sounds crazy but it really helped. I personally didn't blind review because I knew I could dedicate my time in learning why I got the question wrong. I would say, once you start improving, you will only go up. I kept scoring 146-149 then one day, i got a 152, then one day I got a 155 and I just never went back down

  • Thank you everyone for the kind words!

  • Juliet - Student ServiceJuliet - Student Service Member Administrator Student Services
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  • VerdantZephyrVerdantZephyr Member
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    Congrats! That's great

  • J.Y. PingJ.Y. Ping Administrator Instructor
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