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Encouragement? Hope? Advice? Lol all are welcome

adrianaisabeladrianaisabel Member
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I'm absolutely devastated by my score. I've been studying for 6 months, haven't PT'd in the 150s in 2 months. Was comfortably between 160-170+ even on my worst days, and yet I have a 158. I have to apply this cycle and I'm just so crushed. I will retake in April in case it helps anything but I should've signed up for February just in case. I've had a horrible year and still dedicated hours each day on top of working full time and managing the loss of a parent to this test. I have a 3.9 GPA and have apps for schools across the T14 (as well as some safeties in case of this happening, luckily) but I'd love to hear from anyone whose had success at more competitive schools with these numbers. I have what I think is a fairly compelling story and wrote Why X's for each school, and will be adding an LSAT addendum to explain the impact of losing my parent on my ability to study and perform on the test (both logistically, trying to care for everything he left behind as he had no will, lots of debt smh, and also mentally and emotionally as he was a volatile person and its brought up a lot of trauma - although I won't go into that too much). I just feel horrible and I'm kicking myself for performing so extremely below my numbers. I'd been so consistent and I just don't know how it went so far left.


  • popcorn11201popcorn11201 Yearly Member
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    You clearly have the potential. Is there any way at all that you can sit out this cycle and try again? This time, you probably can break into the 170s and you also can apply early next cycle.

  • TheMommaBearTheMommaBear Member
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    No advice, but I’m sorry for all you’ve been through. A 158 may not be what you were hoping for, but it’s still above the 70th percentile, and you were able to achieve that despite your circumstances. That’s huge! Good luck if you decide to try again.

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