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from 165s to 170: study buddies?

lsatslayer-1lsatslayer-1 Alum Member
edited February 2021 in Study Groups 113 karma

Hiiii. I been studying on and off and now making gains to mid 160s, after graduating and eliminating extracurriculars. im hope to find a few study buddies who are interested in working together to push to 170s. LR is my best, i make careless mistakes on LG, and RC is minus -7. shooting my shot. hope we can help each out during this rigorous process.


  • laladonelaladone Monthly Member
    edited February 2021 14 karma

    hey there! new to the study buddy system, but I'm down for whatever you have in mind. I usually score in the 168~175 range, but my first test came out as 164 so I'm trying to rework my LSAT basics. Let me know if you're interested! I'm pretty solid on RC and LG, but I make mistakes on LR.

  • Force UserForce User Alum Member
    39 karma

    I would be intereste5d in this. Scoring between 165-170. I'll DM you.

  • evan.006evan.006 Alum Member
    76 karma

    I'm also interested in this! Scoring usually around 165, and aiming to break the 170s. Solid on RC and LG (timing is still somewhat an issue but always -0 on BR), and i'm working to improve my LR.

  • trishuestrishues Alum Member
    130 karma

    Interested! Same areas of focus

  • Burt ReynoldsBurt Reynolds Alum Member Sage
    952 karma


  • jenyarhymeswithkenyajenyarhymeswithkenya Alum Member
    13 karma

    Interested! Working full-time so my strongest sections kind of vary depending on the stress of the day - Best on LR has been -2 Best on LG has been -1 Best on RC has been -3 each has happened more than once but never all on one test

  • nicole___dnicole___d Member
    38 karma

    interested, i'll DM you

  • lsatslayer-1lsatslayer-1 Alum Member
    113 karma

    thank you for those interested in making a pact to defeat this LSAT. I added you all to a group message and let's go from there.

  • Two-WallyTwo-Wally Alum Member
    157 karma

    I would like to join. Please include me going forward.

  • Jahn.SnowJahn.Snow Alum Member
    316 karma

    I'm interested!

  • stephaniee490stephaniee490 Monthly Member
    17 karma

    I'm also interested.

  • CSieck3507CSieck3507 Alum Member
    1376 karma

    Interested as well!

  • LsatandchillLsatandchill Alum Member
    edited February 2021 78 karma

    Interested! DM'ed you!

  • LawSchool8LawSchool8 Alum Member
    192 karma

    I'm also interested!

  • Guys to everyone that is interested, can we pull up a preptest, no timing, and just go over each question together, see why we think what the answer is, and go through our thought process? Anyone down?

  • lsatslayer-1lsatslayer-1 Alum Member
    113 karma

    We have discord group for anytime interested and we plan to BR test prep 70. DM

  • yunonsieyunonsie Alum Member
    611 karma

    Can I get in on the discord? Are y'all taking the April flex? I'm scoring low 160s, but my goal is to break 170. Thanks~

  • brookegojazzbrookegojazz Monthly Member
    360 karma

    I'd love to join!

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