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Looking for a study group!

crushedredpeppercrushedredpepper Alum Member

I live in the RGV area of Texas and looking for someone to study with. Virtual study sessions work too, so reach out even if you live far away. I've been scoring in the lower end of the 160s. I'm planning on taking the July and applying in the 2021-2022 cycle. Let's stay accountable together!


  • HLoom1222HLoom1222 Alum Member
    97 karma

    I'm also potentially interested in joining a study group for people applying in the 2021-2022 cycle. I likewise plan on taking my first (and hopefully only) test in July. I aim to apply in October. I'm starting in high 160s and shooting for the moon - I have an abysmal UGPA to compensate for.

  • sydlee22sydlee22 Monthly Member
    24 karma

    Hi, I have a study group on discord with a couple of other people. We are all aiming more mid 160s+ in April. Are you interested in joining?

  • yunonsieyunonsie Alum Member
    611 karma
  • yunonsieyunonsie Alum Member
    611 karma

    I just messaged you, interested :)

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