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Tips to avoid misreading questions on flex

TheCourtJesterTheCourtJester Alum Member
in General 144 karma

I notice I often misread a question, which can either waste a lot of time (if it's a logic game and the board no longer makes sense) or lead me to the wrong answer. On paper you could avoid this by underlining and marking things with your pencil. Unfortunately, you cannot do anything like that on the LSAT flex with the digital interface. Are there any tips to reduce misreading errors on a digital interface?


  • sarakimmelsarakimmel Alum Member
    1488 karma

    You can highlight...

  • TheCourtJesterTheCourtJester Alum Member
    144 karma

    hmm. Is the interface for the actual LSAT flex interface the same or very similar to the 7Sage one?

  • IAmVerySadIAmVerySad Alum Member
    10 karma

    @"tkappen.neppak" said:
    hmm. Is the interface for the actual LSAT flex interface the same or very similar to the 7Sage one?

    The LSAT Flex uses the LawHub interface, which you can find on LSAC's website. It's somewhat similar to 7Sage's interface.

  • tonyahardzinskitonyahardzinski Monthly Member
    307 karma

    Sure the flex let’s you highlight but I do far better using paper tests becuase I don’t have to scroll to read the entire passages/answers and because when I underline/notate I have more control... on the nov flex it would highlight or underline words I didn’t want wasting precious time & frustrating me. This time I’m trying my best to not underline at all on pt but it’s hard af, I’m so old schooled and prefer paper tests and real books when studying

  • emmorensemmorens Monthly Member
    1470 karma

    I actually found it very fast to highlight & underline given that the flex is on a laptop! Way easier than the tablet.

    My backup plan is to skip as soon as something isn't making sense though - to me thats usually an indication that I've misread something and as soon as I come back I catch my error.

  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
    8016 karma

    Unless you can get a paper accommodation, there's no use dwelling on how much better it would be... that could even be counterproductive if it becomes a factor in your test experience. Literally every element of this test is purposely designed to screw with you.

    My take is that misreading is best addressed by translation drills, implementing a hard stop to check understanding even under time, a strict BR, and a deep review that incorporates a critical introspective look at your understanding and attack of the question. What went wrong? Not just "I misread" but why, and what are you going to do to fix it?

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