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Looking for Study Buddy for April LSAT

Paul SPaul S Member

I'm looking for someone to go over PTs with and hold each other accountable for sticking to a regular studying and practice schedule. I'd prefer talking rather than typing to discuss questions and I'm aiming for about 1 PT per week. I'm free after 6pm PST weekdays and all day weekends.


  • valerie_valerie_ Alum Member
    7 karma

    Hi, Paul. I'm interested in studying together. I think it would be helpful to actually talk through tests or specific questions with someone and learn from our mistakes. Feel free to inbox me if you're still interested!

  • dburgin14dburgin14 Member
    27 karma

    Hello, I am also interested. Please inbox me the information. Thank you

  • thisistheway-1thisistheway-1 Yearly Member
    138 karma

    ditto! we start a group me if thats helpful as well.


  • aj412garciaaj412garcia Alum Member
    55 karma

    I'm in! I am on on East Coast time but I can adjust accordingly!

  • 96 karma

    Same Paul; feel free to inbox me.
    I've been doing one PT per week and thoroughly BR-ing it with some drills added in.

  • mreece866mreece866 Yearly Member
    11 karma

    Hey Paul, I'm pretty much on the same exact schedule. Feel free to message me if you want to add another study partner. I'm not sure what your looking to hit on your score range but my current PTs are 164-167.

  • JChau2610JChau2610 Alum Member
    51 karma

    I am interested

  • Albert14Albert14 Monthly Member
    19 karma

    I am interested

  • This_is_HardThis_is_Hard Alum Member
    815 karma


  • cynthiaherreriascynthiaherrerias Monthly Member
    3 karma

    Maybe we can start a groupme? I'd love to join a study group!

  • Paul SPaul S Member
    37 karma

    For everyone viewing this post now, I have created a Discord server (a messaging/video call app, like groupme+zoom) for planning study times and meeting up (online) to review together.
    You can add me on Discord as Azimoth#0071 or DM me for a link to the server (I don't want too many people randomly joining who won't be active).

    Here's an outline of the study plan I was thinking:

    Monday: Take a [timed] Practice Set whenever you want, then we discuss what we missed later.
    PT70 S1 (LR), 7:00pm review (what I'm doing this week)

    Tuesday: TESTING TUESDAY! Take a [timed] PT with simulated flex whenever you want during this day.
    Full Practice Test, PT87 (Simulate Flex) (what I'm doing this week)

    Wednesday: Go over what we missed on the Practice Test from the day before.
    PT87 review, 7:00pm (what I'm doing this week)

    Thursday: Take a [time] Practice Set whenever you want, then we discuss what we missed later.
    PT70 S2(RC), 7:00pm review. (what I'm doing this week)

    Friday: day off

    Saturday/Sunday: Take a [untimed] Practice Set together and talk through our thought process
    PT70 S3 (LG). Work together, untimed. Time TBD

    The next week will follow a similar schedule, working up in practice set numbers and down in practice test numbers so that by the April LSAT we'll more or less have covered the 20 most recent prep tests. We'll also rotate which section we do together so that we'll have experience doing each section type alone, and with each other.

  • I'm interested as well! See you on discord!

  • ashleyfaulkner118ashleyfaulkner118 Alum Member
    13 karma

    I am also interested! This sounds like a great plan.

  • ellenoe98ellenoe98 Alum Member
    12 karma

    im interested how do I get into contact

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