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Will LSAT Flex be accepted for a 2022/23 application?

jon_stomjon_stom Alum Member
edited February 2021 in Law School Admissions 9 karma

help Sorry if this is stated elsewhere, but I couldn't find the answer.

I plan on applying for law school in 2022/23, but would like to get the LSAT out of the way this coming summer. I know law schools are accepting LSAT-Flex during the pandemic for the coming year, but will they accept LSAT-Flex scores in years after? I know your score is good for 5 years, but want to make sure the flex will continue to be accepted. Would it be better to just take the full LSAT once it returns?

Also, should I keep taking full practice PTs or does the flex option suffice?

Thanks y'all!


  • dwyerlldwyerll Core Member
    19 karma

    I'm 99% sure they would have to accept the score regardless of what test you take. I'm doing the same thing!

  • SSBM1000SSBM1000 Member
    edited February 2021 614 karma


    LSAC has recently stated that the LSAT-FLEX format is going to be used for at least the next 2-3 years, so yes, they will accept the LSAT-FLEX. They are going to add an unscored section and a break between the second and third sections in August, and use that format moving forward.

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