PT1.S4.Q18 - Cosmetics firms new product safety tests

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Can someone explain why AC E is the correct answer instead of D?


  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
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    D - "...believe that fewer tests of products will be needed..." Stimulus provides no support for a belief regarding the volume of testing. How many tests are needed if done on live animals? How many if done with cell cultures? We don't know.

    You might have gotten confused with the, "...reduce the need for tests on live animals" in the stimulus, but they are talking about reducing live animal testing, not comparative volume of either method. Cell culture testing could require 10x the testing... it just would mean less animal testing.

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    That made total sense. thanks for that!

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    I also picked D but looking back, I see it as not being correct because it's saying that cell culture testing is somehow causing less tests than if animal testing (most likely assuming it's more accurate than animal testing). But the only thing we know from the stimulus is that if we increase the cell tests, we can reduce the need for tests on live animals. We don't know anything about the quality of the tests.

    So I agree with canihazJD that D talks about the comparative method, but I think it's more about the comparative quality between the two, not the volume of testing.


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    I always choose cruelty-free cosmetic products. I'm very careful when I read the label, and if there's no mention of cruelty-free, I don't even buy it. I have been looking for a serum for eyelash growth for some time, and recently I stopped at this one from which promises to be made from natural ingredients and has not been tested on animals. I tried it and saw the results after the third application of the serum.

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