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In case you were on the fence about admissions consulting...

canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
in General 8139 karma

Maybe these will help your decision.

Perfect match for my new tempo run shoes!


  • dawgslaw123dawgslaw123 Alum Member
    138 karma

    the matching shoes really make the whole look

  • foreverconfusedforeverconfused Alum Member
    123 karma

    Hahaha they look so cozy.

  • theserg13theserg13 Alum Member
    96 karma

    I purchased the full package and never got these :(

  • Burden.of.FloofBurden.of.Floof Monthly Member
    1041 karma


  • TakingOnTheBeast-1TakingOnTheBeast-1 Alum Member
    219 karma


  • Juliet --Student Service--Juliet --Student Service-- Member Administrator Student Services
    5420 karma

    @theserg13 said:
    I purchased the full package and never got these :(

    Hi there,

    Sorry about that. We usually send the socks after you have finished submitting your applications. I just sent you a private message to obtain your shipping details.

  • jaea6195jaea6195 Monthly Member
    67 karma

    Wow. A $3,500 pair of socks!

    Kidding. Don't come at me. ;)

  • swanganieswanganie Yearly Member
    294 karma

    What?! These are amazing and now I have a renewed sense of energy applying for law school (kidding ofc)

  • Legally_BluntLegally_Blunt Monthly Member
    35 karma

    Amazing. Haha!

  • lilpinglinglilpingling Alum Member
    638 karma

    This post totally made my day. I opened this expecting to find a story about someone getting a full ride to Yale or something. Literally laughed out loud.

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