In @ Cornell

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@"Lucas Carter" where are you? Tell me everything!

5 down, 9 to go... 2 A's, 3 R's, and a WL. If anyone else was crazy enough to apply late in this wild cycle, there's hope!


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    Congratulations! You deserve every acceptance you receive, and hopefully there are many more to come!

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    that is freaking awesome man!!! big congrats to you and good luck in law school. you'll rock!

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    Would love to know what your cycle looks like! What were your other acceptances and waitlists if you don’t mind me asking?

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    @CSieck3507 said:
    Would love to know what your cycle looks like! What were your other acceptances and waitlists if you don’t mind me asking?

    GULC (A) and Michigan (W)

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    Congrats!!!! That's great.

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    Congrats @canihazJD!

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    So crazy to think about all of us discussing at the end of the BR call about acclimating to cold weather and whether you're ready for it if accepted somewhere cold!! Really happy for you Daniel, congrats on one of many acceptances :smiley:

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    @canihazJD Congrats man, you deserve it and Cornell is an exciting school with lots of cool programs. Goodluck in upstate New York. Great food, lots of snow, and very exciting football over in Buffalo these days too when you aren't hitting the books.

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    @canihazJD Congratulations! That is awesome, good luck! dress in layers ahaha!

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    Congrats!!! I've learned a lot from your comments, thanks for being so helpful :D

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    Now that's pog.

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    CONGRATS @canihazJD !! Hope the rest of the cycle is everything you're hoping for too!

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    Congrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't mind sharing, what is your gpa and lsat score? Again, congrats!

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    absolutely awesome - congrats !

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    Congratulations on being admitted. Good luck.

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    Congratulations on your acceptance! Best of luck in Law School!!

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    big congrats!

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    Woohoo congrats man!

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    congrats!!! living the dream!

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