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Studying Advice

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Hi. I am taking the August LSAT for the first time. I am studying strictly with 7sage. Having no background in the LSAT I am working my way down in the 7sage curriculum from LR to RC. The study schedule made for my by 7sage says I should be dedicating 50 hours a week to core based on my test date but that is not feasible for me. I am still taking three college classes and working full time. I started studying 3 weeks ago and I am only 14% done with the core. I do not want to spend all my time on my core and not being able to take any practice tests. But I need to to learn the material. I got a 138 on my cold diagnostic without any prior LSAT studying and my goal is 160 by August. I try to spend 2-3 hours on core everyday. I feel like the curriculum is very in depth and I am not touching all 3 sections LR LG RC. I wont get to LG and RC until the very end of the curriculum and it is recommended to go through it in order. Not sure what to do and how to fix my studying style. Any suggestions


  • gnarlydingusgnarlydingus Core Member
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    i would focus on your weakest section (unless it's reading comp bc that is the hardest t improve on).

  • swanganieswanganie Yearly Member
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    Don't be intimidated by what seems like a massive core curriculum. Actually a big chunk of it is mini problem sets focused on specific question types (for example LR weaken, flaw, etc, or LG sequencing games) taken from PT 1-35. If you're really worried about time and getting exposure, I'd say focus on the lesson oriented videos in the earlier parts of CC and at least try some of the drill sets to get familiar with everything before you start doing practice exams.

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