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Know the Basics, New to 7Sage

dwhittet4dwhittet4 Member
in General 14 karma

Hi everyone,

I'm new to 7sage. I completed the Blueprint course but ended up with a 160 on the April Flex. My goal is to score 167+ in August. I'm looking for some advice about how to best use 7sage... should i just go through all the core curriculum even though I know the basics? Do I just focus on the harder question types? Thanks!!


  • thinklikealawyerthinklikealawyer Core Member
    284 karma

    I would use the CC to take a fresh perspective on your hardest question types. If you struggle with LG, 7Sage made it super simple and easy to understand. With RC, I suggest going through the method/approach in the CC. Creating low contrast summaries of each paragraphs really helped me to remember what I was reading by the time I got to the end. Take as many PT’s as you can and use those analytics to target your weak points. Good luck!!

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