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Have any Hobbies/ things you look forward to doing once the LSAT is over?



  • Lime Green DotLime Green Dot Member
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    inch by inch, life's a cinch,
    yard by yard, @This_is_Hard

    Sorry sorry sorry XD... not to trivialize. I'm sure most of us here will be experiencing some degree of anxiety leading to & in the midst of each of these major chapters.

    It may not be for everyone, but I've found that recognizing the gems today has offered me & believing there are still a few ahead in life is sometimes what I need most. Have to dig deep for them sometimes, but there are usually a few there : )

  • berkeleyiloveuberkeleyiloveu Core Member
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    I hope to get back into making videos :) I had a youtube channel before this that I have severely neglected. It's mostly friends but they're like 'wheres the content??!' so I hope to do that more

  • Guy_FawkesGuy_Fawkes Core Member
    124 karma

    Learn French!

  • edited April 2021 540 karma

    @kkole444 said:
    @"Forever Addicted to Coffee" I have never cycled, but a 100 miles in a week seems like a lot of cycling. How long does 50 miles in a day take?

    It depends on the terrain, your fitness level, the weather, the type of bicycle you have, and etc... For me and my road bike, on the flat bike paths in Illinois/Chicago, I can average 15 miles per hour without going above zone 2 in heart rate (endurance zone). So between 3 - 4 hours depending on how frequently one stops.

    Also, I used to think that 100 miles per week is a lot. But once you catch the bug, you really catch the bug... It helps to bike out when it's beautiful weather!

  • MaxSpeeDDyMaxSpeeDDy Alum Member
    13 karma

    I do HAM radio and I'm learning Morse Code right now. It's definitely a challenge!

  • Ajahna94Ajahna94 Member
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    Looking forward to doing anything NOT LSAT related and not feeling guilty. lol lol

  • Ajahna94Ajahna94 Member
    223 karma

    @FutureLawyer77 DITTOO!!!!1

  • kkole444kkole444 Alum Member
    1687 karma

    @MaxSpeeDDy that is awesome, in an end of the world situation I would have no way of communicating besides just talking😂 Does Morse code help at all with LG you think?
    @Ajahna94 that is so true! I just want to watch a damn show without feeling guilty about it.

  • thinklikealawyerthinklikealawyer Core Member
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    Can't wait to take a few days to go off the grid (no wifi, phones, etc). With my current study schedule, having access to wifi is crucial for 6/7 days of the week lmao

  • kkole444kkole444 Alum Member
    1687 karma

    @thinklikealawyer that sounds good! I agree, I think everyone can benefit from a few days of no social media 😃

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