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RC Improvement Advice

x1amp9898x1amp9898 Alum Member

Hi, so I need some advice on how to improve my RC score. I have extra time on the test (1.5x) so timing is not the issue. It is more that I have trouble eliminating answer choices, especially when I have it narrowed down to 2 answers. Any advice about this, or reading the actual passage, would help greatly. Thanks!!! #help


  • BagelinthemorningBagelinthemorning Yearly Member
    472 karma

    Hey! I've gotten these two pieces of advice from others in this forum and they've been super helpful. 1) Spend more time on the passage-I used to rush straight to the questions after reading and got stuck on questions. But I realized that the content that I need to grasp was in the passages, so I began spending more time on the passages now.

    2)The answer choices have to be provable. It helps to test whether the answer choice can be completely supported by the passage. This helps to eliminate answer choices that are partially or completely unsupported.

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