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Tendency to overthink RC

fullstopfullstop Alum Member

Like the title suggests, one of my big weaknesses is the tendency to galaxy brain ACs - it leads me to change my answer (usually the right choice) to a wrong one. I always manage to convince myself that the answer I chose instinctively is incorrect, and I do get a couple of questions right after I go back for a second attempt.
How do I avoid this going forward?


  • BigJay20BigJay20 Alum Member
    406 karma

    If it gives you any hope, eventually it goes away. I used to go from a near perfect timed section to almost zero on BR because I wasn't confident in my answers and 2nd guessed myself crazy. I went from working my way from wrong to right (via POE ) to simply scanning for the right answer, proving it and moving on. I don't even check for the other choices. Overtime, you build confidence to master passages, though it takes time.

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