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For the love of god how do you improve speed in RC?

pappasm91pappasm91 Alum Member
edited June 2021 in Reading Comprehension 230 karma

Hi all, RC timing is killing my score for that section. I average about one/two question(s) wrong per passage (overall roughly -6), but end up running out of time and missing the last passage completely (ending up missing anywhere from -12 to -15). I'm taking the June LSAT next week so I get the work to close this will be challenging. Also background, living with ADHD I have some processing challenges so naturally I'm a slower reader to HOPEFULLY not have to read the passages 3 times over. I think what's really getting me is that I'm getting too far in the weeds with note taking which is also a time suck. I don't know - any and all advice is appreciated.


  • sarahblairsarahblair Monthly Member
    604 karma

    I know it can be hard, but I really try to not spend any time on taking notes. More times than not, I find it isn't very beneficial. Try to think of what you're reading as interesting- trust me I know this is so hard. I'm testing in June and also have trouble getting through RC with accuracy sometimes still. In the last month I've employed a strategy where I would take untimed section to just let the material sink in; I would write out a low res. summary and mini summaries of each of the paragraphs. Of course there is no time to do this on the real test but it helped me engage in the info. Hopefully that has also helped me increase speed- you could try to do so, but I feel like it's a better strategy for someone who is often inaccurate in the answer choices. Remember command/control F is allowed on the real test which also helps me find certain words quickly to aid in answering questions. Maybe spend some time just reading passages and thinking about what they're about in your head- not even doing the questions- if you're just looking to be able to read quicker. I hope something of this was helpful- kind of blabbed on and on lol. Good luck! I will be writing in June right along side you :smile:

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