7Sage Podcast Episode #45 - 7Sager Mark - 155 to 169 LSAT

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Episode 45 is here!

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  • Lime Green DotLime Green Dot Alum Member
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    Korean and Arabic?? As a half-Korean whose only 2nd-language skills are a brushing with Italian and barely intermediate-level Korean, feeling like an underachiever here XD

    For all your successes and overcoming some incredible challenges, seriously, way to go, @Markmark!!

  • Burt ReynoldsBurt Reynolds Alum Member Sage
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    when @Markmark said that line about the three ways to be successful, I actually laughed out loud. I felt that in my bones. Kudos to you, man!

  • galacticgalactic Yearly Member
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    Grats @Markmark -- Thanks so much for the insights!!

  • MarkmarkMarkmark Alum Member
    976 karma

    Thanks all for the warm comments ^^ I love this community!! It's been so instrumental in my success. All the best to everyone!!

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