PT15.S2.Q08 - Would it be right for the government to abandon...

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Can someone please explain how the answer in PT 15 S2 Q08 in logical reasoning is answer A and not C? I'm confused on this one.

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    this is a unique mc question in my opinion, the key is to look at the question in the first sentence. the information in answer choice C helps answer the question but itself isn't the main point. the entire argument revolves around the question so it makes sense for the MC to be the answer.

    • should the gov abandon efforts to determine ...
    • only if the acceptable level of toxic sub is zero ...
    • but then in the third sentence we find that there is "toxic concentrations" so it isn't 0 so the gov shouldn't abandon
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    Hey i think @castrone makes some great points. Just wanted to toss on more of a Lawgic view in hopes that it helps cement some points.

    Seems like the first sentence and second sentence can combine into one large principle. And then the rest of the statements are just negating the NC in the principle which means you can take the contra-positive.

    So "right to abandon efforts only if [group 2 translation] reasonably argued acceptable level is zero". The next few sentences then negate the NC so you can conclude they should continue to try to determine acceptable level and not abandon efforts (AC A).

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