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LSAT Flex RC Active writing question

sstunninqsstunninq Monthly Member

While learning to do RC it was advised through 7sage to write simplified summaries on each paragraph to better understand. Do you advise doing this on the blanks sheets of paper we are allowed or do you believe it will take up to much time?


  • LetterOfTheDayLetterOfTheDay Alum Member
    14 karma

    Do it! it has completely changed my relationship to the passages. It may sound counter intuitive but taking that two, three second break to digest the paragraph makes the entire passage much more manageable.
    Also, if sometimes you are at a loss of what to write, that's totally ok, in fact I could argue its especially helpful to take that moment of reflection in those paragraphs. It really allows you to take control of the passage rather than passively being dominated by 600 words that have been psychologically engineered to confuse you.
    I rarely go back to read what I wrote to be honest, but rather it is a process that frames the entire reading experience on my terms not theirs.

    You got this, strategies and thought patterns that feel time consuming and awkward become easier and easier.
    You will do great, be proud of everything you've done so far, and focus on the task at hand.

  • jknarf513jknarf513 Member
    189 karma

    I absolutely agree with @LetterOfTheDay. It has made SUCH a difference in my score. I don't ever really refer to the summary I write, so it doesn't matter much what you write down, it's just the process of actively thinking about each paragraph so that you don't get swallowed by the entire passage that helps. You have more than enough paper the day of the test, and the few seconds it takes to write a 1-5 word summary down is negligible. Just make sure your summary is brief:)

  • sstunninqsstunninq Monthly Member
    17 karma

    Thank you both!

  • BagelinthemorningBagelinthemorning Yearly Member
    472 karma

    Same here! It helps to stay engaged with what I'm reading. As long as you are not writing details down, it pretty worthwhile.

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