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PT 88 Games insane or just me

June LSAT RetakeJune LSAT Retake Core Member
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Is it just me or was anyone else completely thrown off by the games in PT88 including the first game even though it's scored 1/5 and I have done well on all other in/out sequencing. What was this section???????


  • sarahblairsarahblair Core Member
    604 karma

    Yes, PT 88 definitely threw in multiple tough games. I've been taken aback by LG starting at the 60s-70s transition. I thought they were pretty easy in the 60s compared to more recent tests.

  • fin..501fin..501 Member
    125 karma

    I found them hard. Only did a bit worse than normal, but there was definitely a bit of luck involved. I think it gave me the most trouble out of all the game sections in the 80's.

  • MichaelJM1989MichaelJM1989 Core Member
    64 karma

    yes I know what you mean they were tricky but of course when you review them it's 20/20 hindsight like always lol

  • Ashley2018-1Ashley2018-1 Live Member
    edited June 2021 2208 karma

    that monstrosity left me wondering whether I should even pursue law

  • Jordan JohnsonJordan Johnson Member
    686 karma

    I'd suggest doing a few sets of "Misc" games to get yourself acquainted with them and their sub-types. They're far more common in the early PTs (in the 20-30 range, for instance), but they've shown up more consistently on recent tests, including 88 -- and the actual Flex.

    You're not going to be provided the category when you take the real test, so you should try to get a good idea of how to approach less-common game types in case they appear.

  • robet.j.lee97robet.j.lee97 Member
    28 karma

    It's really hard

  • FindingSageFindingSage Alum Member
    2042 karma

    PT 88 is known to be one of the hardest overall games section. Not that every game on its own is incredibly difficult but combined it made for a very difficult section. Each game has some twist or another with unequal distribution being the running theme for this section overall. When it was administered in person as the first section many people were traumatized for the remainder of the test. People who had supposedly been consistently going -0 in LG were not able to finish the section. Reddit erupted in anger there were posts all over all 7 Sage as well. This was a difficult test- not just LG but RC on this test is no joke either. The curve of -13 reflected this- this was a curve which hadn't been seen much in modern tests.
    Here is what I will say about these games- they are learnable as is this section. It was one I spent time fool proofing and one I will go over again before June because of its learnability. Another thing I want to point out is to take the time to listen to JY's explanation of the flowers game. He gives a very inspirational pep talk on how to handle odd games.

  • firstgenlaw-1firstgenlaw-1 Member
    245 karma

    I did PT 88 two days ago for the first time in preparation for the June-Flex. I missed 4 total for the entire games section, -1 on Game 3 and -3 on Game 4. I just ran out of time and panicked a bit. In BR I got -0 so for me it wasn't comprehension but just the time running out stressed me. I usually am -0 on LG so this games section really destroyed me so if it was hard for you, just keep at it, you will get there! The games are really learnable so if you have a tough game, just do it over and over until you hit -0 and make sure you practice game types you struggle with e.g. I drilled sequencing with a twist games for 3 weeks b/c it was my weakest section and really honed it a few months ago and now it is second nature. The games are the easiest section to improve on, so if you have LR and RC down, don't stress! You will get LG down too :)

  • Liam____Liam____ Member
    45 karma

    LG on 88 and 89 are notoriously hard. I have always found the France/India/Ghana game in particular to be brutal. It's not just you.

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