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Take a PT before test on Sunday?

autumn.ames23autumn.ames23 Member
in June 2021 LSAT 251 karma

I take the flex on Sunday in 2 days. The last time I took a PT was on Wednesday and it was my highest score so far. Should I take another PT today or end on that good note and just do practice problems for my weak points?


  • castronecastrone Member
    210 karma

    no, studying time is over, take a few games, a few LR questions, but its really best to keep the mind fresh

  • thinklikealawyerthinklikealawyer Core Member
    284 karma

    I am taking a PT today, reviewing only the questions I got wrong in depth, while light review on questions I got right. I will probably do a logic games section tomorrow and some flashcards to keep my mind fresh, but relax most of the day. Then test day on Sunday. If you feel you could gain value from one more PT, I say go for it! You know yourself best. Good luck!!!

  • Justin CaseJustin Case Member
    30 karma

    Definitely no more PTs this close to test day! Especially given that your last PT went so well. Ride the high of that PT, and stop studying. If you absolutely feel the need to study, then focus on confidence boosting. Drill some easy games that you've done before and likewise with easy LR questions. Good luck!

  • autumn.ames23autumn.ames23 Member
    251 karma

    Thanks everyone!

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