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Double monitor on test day?

JulietteWestJulietteWest Monthly Member
in General 54 karma

Hi people,

Since my wifi is much better at my office than at home I'm planning to take my test there. My office computer setup is a laptop hooked up to a second monitor. That means that I'm not staring right into the camera (I look at my monitor, and the camera is on my laptop). Is that setup allowed, or do I need to be using a device that I'm looking at straight on? It'd make sense if I couldn't use the standalone monitor and needed to use my laptop instead, but it would be awesome to be able to use a bigger screen during the test. Thanks in advance!


  • bubununububununu Monthly + Live Member
    edited June 2021 12 karma

    I think you're out of luck. LSAC prohibits external monitors and the proctor will check your system to make sure there isn't one. And IIRC, the rules prohibit even having a second screen in the room with you. Candidate agreement, section 13:

  • JulietteWestJulietteWest Monthly Member
    54 karma

    @bunbununu thank you! That's very helpful.

  • adrebotat1adrebotat1 Free Trial Member
    edited September 2022 10 karma

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