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Consultants on Clubhouse: Do's and Don'ts of Personal Statements

David.BusisDavid.Busis Member Moderator
edited May 2021 in Law School Admissions 6990 karma

Tonight, May 12, at 9pm ET, join five 7Sage Consultants on Clubhouse to hear advice on the do's and don'ts of drafting personal statements, including time for Q&A.

EVENT UPDATE: New user access to Clubhouse was restricted by the platform controls after the first 100 new entrants registered--apologies for the inconvenience. If you already have registered access to the Clubhouse platform, RSVP here. If you were unable to register for Clubhouse, we will post the panel recording to our podcast following the event.


  • scoutingsscoutings Alum Member
    24 karma

    Where can I find the podcast?

  • Theo - 7SageTheo - 7Sage Member Moderator Student Services
    edited May 2021 837 karma

    @nicolepagan said:
    Where can I find the podcast?

    Hi there,

    You can find our podcast here. We don't have an EOT yet when the recording of the talk will be available in our podcast.

    We might announce the release of the recording here in the Discussion Forums. But, that will be done at a later date.

    Let us know if you have any further questions.

  • scoutingsscoutings Alum Member
    24 karma

    OMG!!! The spread on learning is incredible!!! This is great data for a brilliant book. Maybe I'll write it one day. People trust stable knowledge, codified in books, more than transient podcasts.

    ...and this collective effort that is 7Sage should be properly acknowledged. I've been thinking a lot about property and ownership lately. I don't know how to think about 7Sage as an institution, but a hunch tells me it's about individualism (privilege) vs the commoning of knowledge....

    I'm so glad you're keeping this data!!! Onward and upward.

    ...also, I wrote this long comment only because there's no heart emoji. Like seemed inadequate.

  • HLoom1222HLoom1222 Alum Member
    97 karma

    I noticed the recording for a later clubhouse event (that was held 6/2) has posted on the podcast. Is there still a plan to upload this one?

    Also in general, to not miss these events real-time, is it the case that the clubhouse admissions events are held about every other week on Wednesdays at 9pm EST? And once we're a clubhouse member, we don't have to worry about being among the first 100 to register, correct?

  • equallyyokedequallyyoked Monthly + Live Member
    183 karma

    Can someone please explain clubhouse? Sounds like early assess to live events?
    Perhaps the administration has answers to share please. #help

    And thank you.

  • Tajira McCoyTajira McCoy Free Trial Member Administrator Admissions Consultant
    edited July 2021 559 karma

    Hi @HLoom1222, thank you for your question! We had some recording issues with that particular episode, but I will definitely try to get that one posted for you if we can make it work! Once you're on Clubhouse and you've followed Club 7Sage, you don't need to worry about RSVP links--you'll automatically get pinged anytime an event is scheduled or starts. We aim to have events every-other week; however, it typically depends on consultant availability. If you haven't followed Club 7Sage, please do so, as this will trigger notifications for you!

  • Tajira McCoyTajira McCoy Free Trial Member Administrator Admissions Consultant
    559 karma

    Hi @equallyyoked, Clubhouse is a social networking platform. It's a separate app that you can download, and the link we provide for a specific event can give new users access so that they don't have to sit on a waitlist (the platform provides access on an invitation basis currently). If you don't want to deal with the app, after events are recorded, we'll edit and get them posted to our podcast--just search for 7Sage on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or Soundcloud!

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