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Question on the 7sage course

PhillyNittanyWildcatPhillyNittanyWildcat Alum Member
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Hi all!,
I just started the 7sage course after doing 3 months of book study/lsat demon live courses. I feel like with the demon I never really got the fundamentals and ended up being 6 points off my goal score for the June LSAT and will be taking the August LSAT (and October if needed). I was wondering what strategy I should take? I am currently bouncing between LR-LG-RC day by day. So I started the LR section of the course, now I am on the introduction of Logic Games for example. With so little time to August is this a good strategy? Note I work full time and do about 2-3 hours a day.
I am really loving the course and completely regret not doing this, I feel like I didn't really learn anything with the Demon.
Thanks all!

What should I do?
  1. What should I do?2 votes
    1. Stick to what I am doing now (M-LR,TUE-LG,WED-RC, etc.)
    2. Just stick to one section and try to get through as much as I can
    3. In comments suggestion


  • LSAT LizardLSAT Lizard Member
    edited July 2021 208 karma

    JY discusses study timeframes a fair bit here, which I definitely recommend reading. Keep in mind that the study timeframe you're proposing (4 months, 2-3 hours/day) is much lower than conventional.

    Another thing to consider is how much time you'll allocate to taking actual practice tests. A four section test is 2 hours, 30 minutes, including the 10 minute break after section 2. Blind reviewing a test will likely take at least that long again, often much longer. That's a big chunk out of your weekly study hours, even at just one test a week!

    I think the best way to spend the remaining four weeks depends on what your recent practice test score range is, and what your goal score is. If you're already in the region of 170, I would focus on doing two practice tests a week and not worry about the fundamentals (at that score range you already have the fundamentals).

    Otherwise, you probably still want to get 3 practice tests in between now and the August test. At 2-3 hours a day you won't be able to cover more than a fraction of the 7sage material, so I'd focus efforts based on where you've been losing points on your practice tests. The fewer questions you miss in a section on average, the longer it takes to eke out the remaining gains. So if one section is clearly weaker for you than the others, focus on that one. Alternatively you might want to take a look at the types of questions you've missed and see if there are any particular types (e.g. 'parallel reasoning' questions) where you struggle more frequently. That way you could split time between all three sections, but do so surgically.

  • Burt ReynoldsBurt Reynolds Alum Member Sage
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    all great points by @Tennysoj - and I agree that your schedule might be a bit tight for a 6 point increase.

    I think your schedule should depend on (1) how you're already scoring (2) where you want to score. For example, it's much harder to go from a 164 to 170 (or above) than from a 150 to a 155. Getting those higher scores is about strategy and A LOT of exposure to PTs, whereas if you're in the 150s focusing on the fundamentals can really up your score and sometimes fairly quickly!

    Take my advice with a grain of salt, we're all different and learn in different ways. Best of luck!

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