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Should I take the LSAT in August or October?

jmaddenjmadden Alum Member

Hello, I am currently registered for the LSAT for August of 2021, but I think it may be a little too soon for me to take the test. My practice tests are a little all over the place, and my goal is at least a 160, ideally a 165. I registered for the August LSAT a few months back because I mistakenly thought it was the flex and therefore I had up to two weeks before the first test date to reschedule my test. However, that is not the case. For me to change my registration to October 2021, I would have to pay an additional $200. This is not money I am going to be thrilled about spending, and honestly I can't really afford to do that right now. But in the long-run, if I truly think it could help me bring my scores up, it may be worth it in scholarship offers. But honestly, studying since the start of May has been so rough on my mental health, I don't know if spending the extra weeks studying will be very healthy for me unless I change the way I am studying. My goal is to only have to take the LSAT once with score preview, and if I truly hate my score, cancelling it and just applying to law schools with my GRE scores that I got last year. Although not ideal since it would cut the number of law schools I am applying to in half, it could save me the added pressure of retaking over and over during the course of this next year. Let me know what you think or if you are at all in a similar boat.

LSAT date
  1. When should I take the LSAT (first time w score preview)26 votes
    1. August 2021 (you're already registered and it's best to get it over with)
    2. October 2021 (pay the extra if you think more study time will help you)


  • vichinskyvichinsky Monthly + Live Member
    481 karma

    I think you should push it to October. If your not ready push it and just remember your goals. If your scoring at 160-165 you are close to a 170 which would be a game changer. Join a study group and get a tutor to work on your weak spots and kill it in October. Good luck.

  • lazarus7lazarus7 Alum Member
    207 karma

    Nothing in life worth having comes easy. Greatness is always found outside of the comfort zone. Take both.

  • mailejohnstonmailejohnston Alum Member
    6 karma

    I am signed up for August but considering taking October as well! You've already paid $200 that you can't get back. You can pay $400 total to take it once in October, or $400 total to take it in August AND in October. Even if you don't score as well as you'd like to in August, you'll likely feel more comfortable in October having already taken it once. Good luck!

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