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Weigh In On My Score Drop Off...pls

JenniferKauJenniferKau Alum Member
in General 34 karma

Hi Friends !

I'm taking the LSAT for the second time in a couple weeks. The first time around I scored a 162.

This time, my scoring has hit a consistent 167 in most of the PrepTests i've taken (mostly 70s or 60s). Recently I've been feeling a bit bored or unmotivated, maybe just fatigue. Today I scored a PrepTest...160... I'm sad to see such a drop off. In my review, I feel like I missed questions and don't even know why I chose the AC I did ! Where's my head !

Any tips? Should I just take a few days off or is this a sign of something worse ?? Do I consider not writing? :S I feel nervous about taking time off so close to my sitting.

I write in 2 weeks, hoping to not score anything lower than a 165/166.

Let me know what you think !! All thoughts are welcome, thank you <3


  • csharm002csharm002 Alum Member
    352 karma

    Definitely not a sign of something worse! Honestly, it sounds like you already know you're ready for a break. Being burnt out almost always causes you to score lower than your potential. I know it can be scary to take a break so close to the test, but use your score as evidence. A PT is nothing more than a chance to show you what you need to work on. The data on this PT is telling you your head was elsewhere, which calls for a break. I've used this analogy on another post, but I think it really puts things into perspective!

    Think about athletes; they practice and practice for a major game, but if they never take a break from all that practicing, they're bound to fatigue and pull a muscle. The big game arrives and now they're in no shape to perform their best, all because they didn't rest their body.

    Don't worry about your PT score. Like I said, all it is is feedback for what you need to improve on. It's the best of both worlds; the score doesn't count AND you get precise information for what you can work on to do better next time!

  • JenniferKauJenniferKau Alum Member
    34 karma

    Thank you so much for reading & replying! Helps to hear what someone else thinks, I'm never really sure of my choices in the LSAT world LOL You're totally right xx

  • Pretzel LogicPretzel Logic Monthly Member
    226 karma

    Jennifer, just keep chipping away. Bad practice exams happen / is normal. Wake up tomorrow and get right back to studying, look yourself in the mirror and say, "Nope! A bad PE won't stop me."

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