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Should I take the PT?

letsgo1stletsgo1st Monthly Member
in General 94 karma

Hey guys, I'm a 2022 test taker just really cautious about the fact that there are a limited # of PTs + its mentally draining to go through just one PT.

I took a diagnostic about a week ago and scored a 155. However I took it in Khan Academy, and 7Sage is requiring me to take another PT (the June 2007 one) as indicated on its syllabus.

After my K.A diagnostic I've only studied new concepts in LR and just merely went over my answers in RC and LG. Should I take the suggested PT right now? If not, when should I take it?


  • Devon IIIDevon III Monthly Member
    edited August 2021 18 karma

    I took a diagnostic with KA before taking one with 7Sage. The reason I did both is because KA doesn't give you the option to blind review. Once you complete a prep test with 7Sage, you can go back through your answers and blind review them. Blind review allows you to pick a new answer, but it doesn't impact your score. It simply allows you to think critically, with no time restraints, about why you chose an answer or why you are now deciding to change an answer.

    After you're done blind reviewing, you check a little box and hit a big blue button. Only after you do this, you can see your score, but what is most important is it will give you two scores: non-blind review score (the score you got with your original answers) and a blind review score (the score you would've gotten had you picked those answers instead). Sometimes seeing this score difference can really help you pin point exactly what you should be focusing on.

    If you haven't already, go back to the blind review section that's featured very early on in the core curriculum.

  • Carlgogo7Carlgogo7 Monthly Member
    12 karma

    After several months' prep, I've nearly run out of all the PTs and start retaking previous PTs. I felt although you might remember some questions, games or passages, but you might not remember the majority of them, cuz LSAT is a test of short term memory. Those tough questions could still be a challenge if you didn't master the reasoning process. So retaking previous PTs is also valuable, don't worry about that.

  • agc438agc438 Yearly Member
    edited August 2021 253 karma

    Yeah, anyone who says you're clearly going to remember the questions isn't being entirely truthful. I had the same concerns too but to be honest, you probably won't have the mental stamina, (or at least I don't because I'm trying to cram in one a day and it gets exhausting) to finish all the tests, and you sure won't remember a majority of the questions on Reading Comp or Logic Games. You may remember if you retake a test 3-4 times, but it's a struggle just to get through all of them lol.

  • HopefullyHLSHopefullyHLS Monthly Member
    445 karma

    Nope, don't even think about taking any other timed PT before you've done the following:

    • Go over JY's core curriculum and understand the core concepts of LR, RC and LG.
    • Do JY's LR Psets, untimed.
    • Create your own LR Psets: one for every question type, and the Psets should only include questions from PT 1-35 with 4-5 bubbles (=the hard ones). Do them untimed, with the goal of being able to articulate an accurate explanation why each correct answer is correct and each wrong answer is wrong. Don't do timed LR sections before you get 90%+ accuracy on your Psets.
    • Foolproof all Logic Games from PT 1-35.
    • Do 15-20 RC passages untimed, following JY's low resolution approach. Your goal is identical with that stated for LR. Same here, don't think about timed practice until you hit 90%+ accuracy.

    The above should take about 1.5-2 months.

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