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How long will Flex continue? Do you guys "simulate flex"?

letsgo1stletsgo1st Monthly Member
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I know there are a few posts regarding the same topic but I don't think there has been one after the June 2022 elongation announcement, so here it goes.

I just found the "simulate FLEX" function for PTs. I am thinking of applying to law school in 2023 hence I'm curious as to whether the 3-section FLEX format will continue onwards from June 2022, because I am unsure in what format I should be doing my PTs.

Does anyone know? Any help/advice/comments would be very appreciated.


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    Hey! Starting with the August LSAT, there will no longer be a FLEX because they are going to re-introduce an unscored section. That said, there will be four sections total, so, similar to the FLEX, only three sections (one of each) will be scored.

    So, simulating FLEX may give you a more accurate idea of the score, but doing all four sections may give you a more accurate idea of the duration. Hope this helps!

  • letsgo1stletsgo1st Monthly Member
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    @getthatyoudont Yep, helped immensely. Thank you!

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