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Flex vs "Normal" LSAT PT Scoring Differences?

glencocoglencoco Alum Member
edited August 2021 in General 19 karma

I've been taking PTs as I prepare for the August test (as I'm sure most of you out there have been doing). I've opted to take all four sections during my practice in order to get a feel for the full test. As I was lurking on the discussion boards, I saw someone say that taking the "Simulate Flex" option will give you a more accurate score since there is no experimental section.

Does that mean all the PTs I've taken with the full four sections is scoring the experimental section? Or is the experimental section already incorporated into the score that 7Sage gives me?

Is there a way to calculate my "real" score? Do I simply take away one LR section score and recalculate my raw score is using the 7Sage raw score chart (


  • Jackson_Jackson_ Alum Member
    19 karma

    It's definitely good that you're taking 4 sections--that's best for simulating the stamina you'll need for the full test. Your 'real' score is not going to be reflected perfectly by this, but it should be good enough for you to get an idea of where you're at. Obviously it would be nice to simulate a rotating experimental section using 7Sage's PT platform, but I wouldn't worry about calculating a 'real' score if I were you.

  • agc438agc438 Yearly Member
    253 karma

    So the "new" LSAT is only three sections with an experimental. Just go to your test and check the flex box. Afterwards, go to show results and you will see your "real" score. Hope this helps!

  • glencocoglencoco Alum Member
    19 karma

    Thank you for your help, @"jackson.claa" and @agc438 :smile:

  • To help with stamina I take the full 4 sections on every PT, the difference between my scores with a 3 section or a 4 section is only 1 point.

  • ishaw18ishaw18 Monthly Member
    112 karma

    I have been taking 4 full sections like others have mentioned above. Similarly, I think it would be nice if there was a rotating experimental section feature, however I think that really what your training for here is your mental stamina, as you will be well prepared for all 3 sections when test day rolls around!

  • eziffeziff Alum Member
    55 karma

    If LR is your best section, you might be getting PT results that are approximately 1-3 higher than what you would expect to get on 3 section LSAT if all sections were weighted equally. There's no way to know how LSAC weights each section of the 3 graded sections, of course, but I'm going in assuming that LG/RC/LR are given equal weight to see where I'm at. You can take a regular PT and then use the page below to check what your results on your PTs would look like with equal weighting on each section:

    For me, this made me realize that I actually started from a benchmark of 155, not 157. It pushed me even further to focus up on only logic games since it was by far my worst section.

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