Terrified about getting two RCs or two 70s/80s-style LGs

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The title says it all.


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    Two RCs was always a fear of mine, turns out on exam day I didn't get two RCs, lol. Try drilling two sections of each back to back, it worked for me to take some of the fear out of it. Basically my fear with back-to-back RCs was a fear of not being able to focus as precisely as I think I needed to for that time period: fatigue setting in etc. I also read for 70 minutes at a time and took notes 5 days per week in the weeks/month leading up to my exam. Reading books and looking for MP, arguments, assumptions, OPO etc. Ultimately RC sections are the best prep we can do, but I found that reading other things kept me in the LSAT "zone."

    Best of luck,

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    This was also a fear of mine. Just start taking a few PTs before the test with your version of the worst possible case scenario -- including the order you take the sections (mine: LR, LG, RC, RC). Just add an RC from a different test for the last section instead of doing the second LR. It makes the worst case scenario less daunting when you've done it multiple times already. You just gotta get used to it. You got this!

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    Thanks everyone. I'll keep working on drills and stuff.

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    Yes, but if you get tired from a ton of reading and your focus fades, what if the second RC is the one that's scored?

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    If you're scared of it then attack that fear--it could be a weakness on test day if that possibility happens. Take a flex, but when you finish RC pause and swap to another RC, see what your raw in each is, and if it's acceptable then there's no problem!

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