I'm Tryna Tutor Sambodee Cuz I Can Learn by Teaching Others Right - [closed]

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whats up fam - it's your boy LSAT_SUS

I recently had a breakthrough in my score but my score is dropping quicker than a girl's interest when she sees my bank account. But I gotta keep this momentum going somehow

Like the modern philosopher once said "if it's up, then it's up, then it's up then it's stuck" - Cardi B. She was rapping 'bout my LSAT score.

A little about me - I'm solid on the 1-4 star Q's on LR and RC. Five stars are 5-stars for a reason. Logic games are a breeeze minus the miscellaneous mfs.

Shoot a comment if you're interested and let's get this shekki ON THE ROAD. LETS GOO.

The only condition I have is that you're sufficiently familiar with the CC language (i.e. causation logic, how to weaken/strengthen causation logic, negating ACs, valid argument forms, and yadda yadda.) If not, it's fine but you should get acquainted with it nonetheless.

OH, and I capped at 174. My last PTS were 160, 170, 172, 174, 163, 168. -0/-1 on LG, -3/-5 LR, -1/-6 RC.

** This is free btw so ya idk someone told me to clarify this.

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lsat_sus response to admin: thank you for the guidelines. I'll stay more on top of my expressions no cappa.


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