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Any similar games to PT 37 S3 Game 4 (10 lap swimmer)

SeksylemonsSeksylemons Alum Member
in Logic Games 13 karma

It was honestly baffling to see how setting up the game differently (double layered sequencing versus just 1-10 in a line) changes how the rest of the game goes. I'm just going through different types of games ahead of my LSAT on Tuesday and was wondering if y'all can suggest any specific games with a difficult twist to prepare for the unexpected?

Thanks in advance!


  • agc438agc438 Yearly Member
    253 karma

    Honestly, simple sequence games shouldn't usually go beyond 6/7. There is only one game I can think of where I think it went +8 about groceries I think? If you see 9, 10+ slots, then go double layered sequencing.

    For recommendations, I would recommend doing the games in the 80s. If I remember correctly, 82 has a ton of great games to drill bc they're all mid range and relevant.

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