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Scores Dropping

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Hi everyone, hope you're all doing well.

I will be taking the LSAT on Tuesday and have been studying for 4 months intensely. My prep-test averages ranged from 162-169 up until last week and this week, they've dropped down to 157-163. I'm not sure what happened? I did start using LawHub to get more familiar with it, and started my PTs in the 80s. I had been doing the ones in 60s and 70s before that. From your experience, would the drop in my score be because of the more recent prep-tests? I'm not sure what to do as I'm testing this Tuesday.... It's very frustrating because my LR today was a -11 when up until last week, the lowest I was scoring was -5 or -4.


  • tahurrrrrtahurrrrr Alum Member
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    You might need to take a break. If youkeep trying to force results when you're burned out, you'll spiral and that's the last thing you meed right before the test.

    People do tend to say that 80s tests are a different feel from 60s/70s and that they take getting used to. But it sounds more like you're burned out and frustrated than anything.

    I say don't do anymore PTs. Take all day of today, then the rest of the time before the test, review whatever LR question types are giving you the most trouble

  • audrey1004audrey1004 Monthly Member
    edited August 2021 69 karma

    wow i'm literally in the same boat as you – pt'ing 167/168 but scored 161-163 on my last few tests. i'm taking the test saturday, so what i've been doing this week is doing section/question type (4-5 star) drills and blind reviewing them. tomorrow, i'm planning on only reviewing my wrong answer journal and my flashcards/notes/the core curriculum for question types i have trouble with.

    maybe make problem sets out of LR question types that you struggle with most using questions from the 80s tests and review them? i agree with tahurrrrr on not doing anymore PTs and taking a break. take a day off – don't wear yourself out before test day.

  • ban3rcban3rc Alum Member
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    I am in the same boat. I averaged a 165-169 until I got to some of the practice tests in the 90's now I am scoring 164/165 with low of a 160 on PT 86. Some of the PT's in the 80's are just harder.... especially the LR sections are harder I've noticed. Review the answers you missed in the 80's. The LSAT writer became more tricky in disguising the AC's in the 80's LR I've noticed. They use more abstract language to describe the AC.

  • ban3rcban3rc Alum Member
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    *pt in the 80s

  • nomomnomnomomnom Monthly Member
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    If your test is coming this Tuesday, I would advise doing little to no studying the days leading up to the exam. You really should be as relaxed as possible before the exam and do things you enjoy or exercise. Avoid any additional stress onto of your LSAT exam on exam or else it may interfere with your ability to perform your best.

  • agc438agc438 Yearly Member
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    For the people saying taking a break, honestly do what works for you. I just PT'd a 168 even though I was averaging high 150s/low 160s and I haven't stopped doing a test a day.

    That being said, 80s get pretty bad in terms of LR and RC difficulty. (More LR if anything else.) If you're starting to notice dips, it's probably because you're seeing more weird LR types like fill in the blank or method of reasoning. Else, you need to redrill strengthen/weaken questions. No need to panic.

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