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Dedicated study partner for February test

edited December 2013 in General 14 karma
I was scheduled for the december test but it was pushed to February. My entire group that I usually review with took the December test, so I'm looking for a few people to review PTs with. We usually reviewed via google hangout or skype.

Most likely PTing some 30s, some 40s, 52-71. I'm open to changing around the schedule to different material. I just really want someone committed to staying on track and keeping a schedule.

Highest pt 155; mainly low bc of RC.
-0 to -2 LG. -10 to -8 LR. RC is terrible.

I'm hoping to find someone that really wants to pt and review every other day with one day off a week. If anyone is interested please let me know.


  • DoruntineDoruntine Alum Member
    edited December 2013 22 karma
    Hi Nicolena,
    Im also looking for a study partner for the February test.
  • wardfgwardfg Member
    2 karma
    Also looking for studybuddy this plan sounds good! please email me!!
  • v-1v-1 Member
    edited December 2013 25 karma
    Nicolena, are you all set? What time frame are you thinking will work for you.
  • v-1v-1 Member
    edited December 2013 25 karma
    Oh, you all, can email me. tks
  • karinac315karinac315 Member
    2 karma
    Can I join in on this too? my e-mail is, I think a study group would be great for motivation and structure
  • amellajamaamellajama Member
    2 karma
    Hi there- i am also interested in a study buddy as well- my email is
  • FawzibnurFawzibnur Member
    5 karma
    Hello all, I would like to join your group too, if it's ok. my email address is
  • ccwilso4-1ccwilso4-1 Member
    30 karma
    I would love to as well, please email me at
  • michaelspinellomichaelspinello Alum Member
    8 karma
    I would also like to join this group, please email me at
  • misheikh91misheikh91 Member
    7 karma
    I would like to join you too Nicolena. I am basically on the same page as you and am planning on taking PT 40- to the most recent. Let me know for more info or 631-827-3746 if you'd like to text.
  • tiannwkstiannwks Alum Member
    3 karma
    I would also like to join. My e-mail is
  • cnguye15cnguye15 Legacy Member
    64 karma
    I would like to join too. My email is Thanks.
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