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Free LG Tutoring: Efficiency and timing on LG (Saturday, 21 August 2021, 10 AM EST)

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Just finished my first LSAT take (August) and thought this would be a good time to give something back to the 7Sage community!

I've been studying for the LSAT for a year. I started with a diagnostic of 157 (although it wasn't a true diagnostic score as I'd done the Blueprint video course beforehand). I've gotten my PT score up to the 170s with my highest being 177, and a lot of that improvement was thanks to the 7sage question taking interface and explanation videos.

I also found a wonderful tutor @Christopherr through 7sage who helped me get from the low 160s to the 170s.

The most intimidating section for me was logic games. Although I got to a point where I understood the games and could do them without losing any points untimed, when it came to doing all 4 games under time, I felt hopeless.

Thanks to a combination of @Christopherr, 7sage, and analysing my own mistakes, I learned about several strategies that I could use to shave off time without losing out on accuracy and wanted to share them with anyone who might be interested.

This session is aimed at people who are familiar with all the game and question types and are now working on their speed. If you're a beginner you might benefit too as these tips could prevent you from forming some unhelpful habits.

We'll go through a sample game or two (I'll pick some from the pre-60s so as not to "spoil" any more recent ones) while I talk us through my approach, and you can ask any LG related questions that you have.

To join the session, just use the Zoom link below.

Topic: LG group tutoring session
Time: Aug 21, 2021 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 898 5049 7645
Passcode: 6aEeDr


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