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FINISHED: RC tutoring Tuesday (8/24), 11am PST (2pm EST)

UCLApleaseUCLAplease Member
edited August 2021 in Reading Comprehension 281 karma

RC is one of my strongest sections--I at most go -3. I will be doing an RC session on Tuesday at 11am PST (2pm EST), so feel free to join me! We will be deconstructing a passage together and going over the questions.

I will be posting the Zoom link shortly before the session begins. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

Thanks for joining, everyone! Sorry the Zoom meeting cut out. If you have any more questions, feel free to message me.


  • lsat_suslsat_sus Alum Member
    1417 karma

    what the fuck is wrong with the 7Sage community. You have an RC god here offering their service and no one commenting. I can’t attend cuz I’m out but it’s insane this lag. It’s been a whole hour. Please offer this next week weekend and you’ll see me in the waiting room 15 min before. Pls n ty.

    You wonder why your score is trash and it’s simply because you can’t do it alone. Consult the amount of time you self-studied and your trash score (relative to what score you want) and tell me you don’t need help. The fuck?

    Be intentional in your process (insert all caps). If you’re offended - damn bruh you’re sorry af. Flag me for the beautiful @"Juliet --Student Service--" to give me attention but don’t @ me.

  • blobbbbbblobbbbb Monthly Member
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    I will be there!

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