PT64.S1.Q17 - The mosaics removed from Zeugma?

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I didn't understand the explanation for the right/wrong answer choices on this one at all. Can anyone help? I initially chose (C) on my PT and I still don't understand how that could be wrong, especially in contrast to answer (A).


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    When you read an argument, you should pay attention to the method of reasoning. This argument concludes that it "should have been left there" is general, and the author provides only archeological considerations. So the author's method of reasoning is the elimination; he eliminates other considerations (aesthetic, recreational, and so on). So that's why A must be right. Whether materials are readily apparent or not is irrelevant.

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    This looks like a PSA question type. We are looking for an answer choice that will guarantee the conclusion.

    Conclusion: the mosaic should have been left there.
    Premise: we have also the records that we need and it may misguide others.

    A. This answer is close to an NA answer but NA answers can serve as PSA andSA answers. If it wasn’t true that archeological reasons were not the only reasons, it would weaken the argument by showing that they cannot return the item to the spot. For example, what if we have to consider social reasons? what is it is a heritage that need to be preserved in a museum?

    C. This strengthens the argument by showing why it is there, but it doesn’t completely prove it. It doesn’t say the original location is the only location the materials could be apparent. It could also be apparent in a museum.

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    great, thank you both so much!

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    IDK but that's a sweet avatar bro!

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