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173: Aug 2021 from a 156 Oct 2020

detroit_suzukadetroit_suzuka Alum Member
in General 194 karma

Finally, I think I'm done with the test. It took almost 2 years of preparation working a full time engineering job.
First take was in Oct 2020, which ended up with a dismal 156. That was mostly self studying with 7sage.

Second take scores, just out... 173.
I went though 4 different tutors to get the right tutor who fit with my time, style and budget. Surprisingly he was only $50 an hour. I did sessions with him for 2 hours / week , Feb - Aug 2021. He used 7sage and lsatlab to monitor progress.

I guess that effort payed off. 173 is more that what I typically PT. I'm happy with the score. Thanks 7sage.


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