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Cancel Score?

Hey Ya'll,

I just got my August LSAT score back, and because I am a first time test taker, I have the preview/cancel option. Objectively, I don't have a bad score (low 160's), but have been consistently PT'ing 3-5 points higher. I'm already registered to retake November, and know I will do better (the score I received on test day is the lowest score I've received in months of PTing). I'm hoping to apply as soon as my November LSAT comes out.

Does anyone have any wisdom as to whether or not I should cancel my score?


  • ConstantineConstantine Alum Member
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    You should not cancel a 160+. First of all, schools could assume that you did cancel something at least a few points lower. Second of all, yes, a 160+ is a good score. Finally, this is still a tiny chance that you'll get a worse score on the second attempt.

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    Thanks this is helpful!

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