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Feeling discouraged

Hi everyone,

I had kind of a breakdown yesterday because of my August LSAT score. This was my second time taking it, and while I improved 7 points from last time (I got a 144, compared to the 137 I got in November last year) it's still very low, and I feel stuck. I'm registered for November, but I'm feeling a lot of pressure to score higher because my GPA is a 3.2, if I want to get into my target law schools, and I think it's keeping me from actually practicing again. I Does anyone have any advice on how I can strategize and work past this?


  • First, off, WOW! A 7 point increase is so impressive after taking the real LSAT for the first time! Congratulations. Also, I think you should also remember that the school you get into the first year is not necessarily the school you graduate from! Let's say worst case scenario, you bomb the November test. I just googled your stats, and these numbers absolutely get your foot in the door at more than one school. That's all you need! Once you get in, you can work your ass off just like I see you're doing for this test, and transfer to that target school! LSAT scores don't even matter in transfer stats. I think the worst position you can have is that the LSAT is the be-all end-all for determining your level of success as an attorney. This isn't true! This test is crazy. And even if it doesn't go well next time, you know you've got the drive to work hard as a 1L and get to the schools you want.

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    A 144 is really going to limit your options, however. I would attempt to get a 150 on the next test. If you don't, just apply to the schools where you have a realistic chance with a score in the 140s and follow the plan above.

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