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Getting out of a plateau?

taylor9711taylor9711 Member
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I was wondering if anyone had any advice on getting out of a plateau? Timed PT score is mid-high 150's, BR is usually low 160's. While I'm doing timed PT's, followed by BR and Full Review but I'm not seeing any numerical improvement (however, I do feel like I'm learning something from each test I take). The main sections I struggle with are LR and RC (esp with timing). Is this normal and how do I start seeing an actual improvement in my score? I'm trying to get in the high 160's (at least) for the October LSAT. Thanks all!!


  • rd2dwdtbxcrd2dwdtbxc Member
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    Did you manage to get into the 160s? I have the exact same numbers and I feel super lost

  • timbond97timbond97 Core Member
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  • firstgenlaw-1firstgenlaw-1 Member
    edited September 2021 245 karma

    Hi! I'm in a similar spot, aiming to break 170s and have been stuck on 168 for a few PTs. I also had been PTing back to back but this wasn't helping. My LG is usually -0 so I started to instead focus on LR (usually -4 to -6) and RC (usually -2 to -3). Instead of doing full PTs, I suggest working on doing timed sections of your problem area. For example, I've started doing timed LR sections everyday and this morning's section I got -2 timed and -1 in BR (I changed on right answer to wrong in BR ugh!). Don't worry about full PTs now, you have to pinpoint your problem area and even narrow it down to question types. Other than that, I recommend getting up at 4am to study (I work full-time and study before work), meditating, eating well, and getting 8+ hours of sleep EVERY night. Good luck!

  • Jerry GarciaJerry Garcia Member
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    I plateau'd at a place around where you are over the summer and am now scoring in the mid/high 160s, so I think I know where you're coming from.

    Likewise, I though I was learning a ton from every test, but I really wasn't. I'm guessing you have a decent grasp of the basics considering where you're scoring, but you probably have some other timing and form issues you aren't aware of given your plateau. I only learned of mine through working with a tutor who was able to identify some of my weaknesses, and I then saw my score improve.

    The other thing I did to improve was increase my volume of studying significantly. In addition, focus on doing a written review of all flagged ACs. Your review needs to go beyond watching the 7Sage videos, start keeping a review journal so you can identify ongoing mistakes. Write out why each AC in your own words and explain why it's right/wrong. You know by now that the LSAT is very formulaic, so to get good there's no way around upping the volume. You should be drilling logic games, working up to doing a full section a day.

    I don't know how much time you have to allocate towards studying, but improving about 10 points by October may be unrealistic if you work full time or have competing priorities.

  • taylor9711taylor9711 Member
    19 karma

    @jhern322 I don't know how to respond to comments so hopefully tagging you works but thank you for your response! I started to do that and I've actually noticed some improvement (slight but still counts!) how did you get your RC to be so low? Was it mainly drilling sections? Good luck to you as well and hopefully you hit those 170's soon!

  • taylor9711taylor9711 Member
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    @"Jerry Garcia" Thank you for your response! Yes, I think the timing is one of the biggest factors that I struggle with and I probably could be doing more in review (I have a wrong answer journal but I'll try to be more meticulous). Thanks again and congrats on your score!

  • taylor9711taylor9711 Member
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    @rd2dwdtbxc My most recent PT was a 160 and my BR is now in mid 160's so I am seeing some improvement. Similar to what one of the other comments said, I started focusing more on drilling certain problem questions I consistently struggled with and did less PT's. For example, I've noticed that I really struggled with MC and SA questions in LR and I drilled those for awhile until I was comfortable and started getting good accuracy. I also noticed I really struggled with grouping LG games so I drilled those consistently as well. Definitely room for improvement as I still have a lot of work to do, but making some progress and I hope that helps!

  • firstgenlaw-1firstgenlaw-1 Member
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    @taylor9711 Thanks! So, LG was the first section I perfected and I would get around -3 on LR but always -7 to -9 on RC. It was my worst section and I dreaded it. In addition to the things I did in my comment above (and reading Atomic Habbits and doing following OptimalWork), I started to tackle each RC paragraph like an LR stimulus. RC is just a little longer LR. This did wonders for me, once I re-wired my brain to not treat RC like some crazy different difficult thing and just as another LR section, it did the trick. Hope that helps, good luck!

  • taylor9711taylor9711 Member
    19 karma

    @jhern322 super helpful!! That's a great mindset to have and I'll give that a go! Thanks so much and best of luck!!

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