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139 > ???

JeeahneeJeeahnee Monthly Member
in General 58 karma

I scored a 139 on the June FLEX. Some of you might remember a post I made when the June 2021 FLEX scores were released. I still am devastated, but the malaise since then has waned and I am again driven to try to win the LSAT. I just deleted all of my progress in the core cirriculum and I'm starting over from 0. I've since signed up for an introductory logic course at the local community college for the fall semester, while treating this (7 Sage) like another 3hr/5 days a week class. I have no excuses why I can't study in the mornings, so I must and I will.. I honestly don't even care about Law School anymore. I just want to tackle this monstrosity of a test, however long it takes. I'll worry about Law school and admissions and all that other stuff when I get a score that I can personally be happy with and meets my goals. I don't care if it takes 5 years or 10 years. I wrote down some goals to keep me consistent, sober, and healthy while attempting to overcome this rigorous barrier to my successful, legal career. Every comment posted onto my June 30th, 2021 post was encouraging and motivating. People describing their tribulations through this trial of the mind gave me some needed self reflection on why I am doing this and what I hope to accomplish beyond the LSAT. But for now, I am only researching programs and schools to keep me motivated to study and take seriously this feat of intelligence. I look forward to studying along side you all.


  • JerseyJD22JerseyJD22 Monthly Member
    25 karma

    Good luck- I believe in you !

  • praiseolaolorunpraiseolaolorun Monthly Member
    105 karma

    LETS GOOOO!! We got this, trust me!!

  • robertgmarinorobertgmarino Monthly Member
    edited October 2021 26 karma

    best of luck, study as much as you physically can and maintain your mindset!

  • rashi.prasadrashi.prasad Alum Member
    94 karma

    Good luck!!!! You got this!!!

  • claw2023-1claw2023-1 Monthly Member
    93 karma

    Good luck!!

  • Clementine-2Clementine-2 Alum Member
    208 karma

    I love your intensity. Keep that up during your studies! It's very important. You can absolutely do this! My first diagnostic was a 138 and now about a year and half of studying later I'm in the upper 160s. You can do this!!

  • lawyer2021lawyer2021 Alum Member
    536 karma

    good luck my friend, you can do it.

  • ledkarlyledkarly Alum Member
    483 karma

    YESSSS you've got this!!! Also read the Loophole in Logical Reasoning - helped me so much!

  • WhatIsLifeWhatIsLife Member
    810 karma

    I don't care if it takes 5 years or 10 years. I wrote down some goals to keep me consistent, sober, and healthy while attempting to overcome this rigorous barrier to my successful, legal career.

    This kind of determination will serve you well my friend. This is the same mindset I'm approaching this with. I don't care what happens, come hell or high water, I am going to end up as a Lawyer. One way or another.

    You got this!!! Good Luck!

  • Dare To WinDare To Win Member
    83 karma

    Lets get it!!! Please don't give up... Stay persistent, stay strong!!

  • CarrytheBoats-1-1-1CarrytheBoats-1-1-1 Alum Member
    92 karma

    Love your prioritization of the learning > quick outcomes. It's a great reminder for me too. Believe in yourself and stay true to yourself only! Let's f-ing go!!

  • vidanaavidanaa Monthly Member
    28 karma

    You got this!! I believe in you. The biggest thing that will definitely help you is the mindset that you have adopted! You have to truly want it if you want consistent progress in the LSAT! Dude I started in the low 140's when I first started and now I am scoring in the low 160's! I did not think I was going to get here until I adopted a similar mindset as you. Keep us posted.

  • 2025FutureEsq2025FutureEsq Monthly Member
    102 karma

    YOU CAN DO THIS!!! I had a 131 diagnostic in April 2021, and now im in the low 160s, high 150s. You can do this, stay focused on the goal. This test is absolutely learnable. I honestly wanted to give up and I'm so grateful i didn't.

  • LogicGamerLogicGamer Monthly Member
    20 karma

    The test is learnable and from reading your post you are determined to get the score you want. Good luck!! :)

  • Legally TomdLegally Tomd Monthly Member
    19 karma

    Study 1 /hr a day. maybe 2-3 hours a few days a week.

    The key to success with anything is doing less, but more often.

    You cannot sustain a 3 hr/day study schedule, and you get SUPER diminished returns after the first hour of study.

  • garrett_proctorgarrett_proctor Monthly Member
    72 karma

    When I was in college I took the lsat after completing a kaplan course. I made a 139 on my official test. I was devastated just like you. It completely derailed my plans for life after college.

    Here I am two years later. I've been studying since March and I can say that if you work hard enough you'll improve! I scored a 154 on a PT just a few days ago and I know I still have so much room for improvement. Keep up the work and by the next application cycle, you'll be where you need to be.

    Best of Luck!

  • C.J. GheemC.J. Gheem Yearly Member
    97 karma

    I was in your situation. Now I am in the 150s. You will get the score you need soon.
    Don't give up!!!

  • hotranchsaucehotranchsauce Alum Member
    288 karma

    I started @ 141, or maybe it was lower I don't remember now. That was 2 years ago. With on and off study since then I've gotten to the 160 range. My experience has been that logic games are the easiest place to gain points (not EASY, just easier than LR lol), but everyone is different.

  • BlueRiceCakeBlueRiceCake Alum Member
    edited October 2021 302 karma

    What were you scoring in PTs before you went in? I keep seeing people who say they're scoring 170+ saying they get 10-30 points lower on the actual LSAT. It's terrifying honestly

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