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Can You Mute LSAT on Test Day

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone knows if they'd be allowed to mute the LSAT on test day so that one can speak what they are reading out-loud. I find out-loud reading to be more dramatic for me personally and allows me to focus better (kind of like touching the words with your mouse or pencil).

Thanks in advance on the input and discussion.


  • ledkarlyledkarly Member
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    no I'm pretty sure you cant, unfortunately. I would call LSAC to make sure though!

  • firstgenlaw-1firstgenlaw-1 Member
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    You can't do that unfortunately. They check to make sure your mic and camera are on and if you mute your mic there will be pop up alert on ProctorU and you definitely don't want to have your test interrupted by a proctor and be distracted. Also, it is against the rules to read out loud. I think they do this because they don't want students to record themselves (or have someone outside the room recording you) reading a passage or answer and risk test info being shared. Try mouthing to yourself silently instead and see if this helps! Otherwise, you can try to apply for an accommodation to read out loud, this is an option too:

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    Thanks so much, this is very helpful! Will do!

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