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My Oct Exam Cancelled by LSAC because I missed their audit email to check my foreign address...

edited October 2021 in General 38 karma

It's funny how the most logic-centered exam organization made the most illogical decision to rescind students exam just because LSAC mistakenly thought that students are putting in the wrong test locations. I am currently in the states and have taken the June LSAT flex without any problem but yesterday I received an email telling me because I did not reply to their audit email asking me to confirm my address, my OCT exam is cancelled.


  • sarakimmelsarakimmel Member
    1488 karma

    Have you called LSAC? They are usually pretty good about fixing issues by phone, especially if it is their mistake. I would be a squeaky wheel and try to get them to resolve this so you could at least take November if not October.

  • iasdkadfg-1iasdkadfg-1 Member
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    How strange.. Is lsac sending out this audit email to everyone, or was there a particular reason why they chose you?

  • firstgenlaw-1firstgenlaw-1 Member
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    @cgbon I think they did this to student who have their permanent address in LSAC different than their registered testing location as students must test in the location they are currently at. It is totally okay for students living outside of the US to travel to the US to take a test on a US testing date (there are many more testing dates available to US than Int'l test takers); these are the students who get the audit email b/c if they stated that they weren't in the US and are trying to take a US test then their registration is cancelled. I do think they should have done this a long time ago and not cancelled tests last minute though...

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