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What do you guys think are the most important sections from the 7sage course?

WhatIsLifeWhatIsLife Member
in General 810 karma

Obviously you need to know everything to do well on the test but what would you say are the most fundamental sections needed to excel on this test from the 7sage course?


  • B_star11B_star11 Alum Member
    55 karma

    i personally think 7Sage’s lessons on logic games, sufficient/necessary assumptions, and introductory conditional reasoning are essential. i’ve been with 7Sage since the very beginning of my studies, so I may be biased. i found that over the months of studying, logic kind of became a second nature; the wording and nuances of the LSAT are often the hardest, not the underlying logic itself. once you drill conditional reasoning, the questions become easier and easier, because you can focus on the finer details.

  • galacticgalactic Yearly Member
    690 karma

    If I had to chose 1 thing: The way JY teaches conditional logic is foundational. Other test prep materials turn this into a muddled mess.

    After that, I think the 7Sage Logic Games method is crucial as well - it seems like a lot of students come here specifically for the games lessons, realize how good it is, and venture into the rest of the CC.

    The third thing that comes to mind are the lessons in existential logic and valid/invalid argument forms.

    Hope this helps.

  • equallyyokedequallyyoked Monthly + Live Member
    183 karma

    Games has helped me!!!

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