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Positivity Thread: Speak your desired LSAT score into existence!



  • cydnihollowaycydniholloway Alum Member
    9 karma

    I am going to get a 170 or higher on the October 2021 LSAT!!! I claim it!!!!! <33333

    And I will get multiple full scholarships to amazing schools.

  • a.gianino7a.gianino7 Monthly Member
    82 karma

    I'm going to score a 171+ on the October international LSAT!

  • jackdubois14jackdubois14 Monthly Member
    8 karma

    I'm going to get a 170 on the November LSAT!

  • chacohgoechacohgoe Monthly Member
    34 karma

    I am going to get a 168 or above on the October 2021 LSAT!!

  • Confidence150Confidence150 Alum Member
    1416 karma

    I am going to get 155+ on the LSAT. Good luck everyone. :)

  • cheyjuan.mcheyjuan.m Alum Member
    23 karma

    I will get a 175+ on the November LSAT. I have overcome so much. Even as I face traumatic circumstances, I am in the best company I could be in: myself. I am a brave, brilliant advocate that leads a life of integrity, empathy, and self-awareness. There is no better journey I could be on. I am learning so much about myself. The LSAT continues to sharpen my reasoning, communication, and comprehension skills. For a test I have run away from for nearly 5 years, it has supported me in my evanescence towards becoming my highest self. Finally, I will materially realize my highest potential outside of what I know in the shadows of my mind to be possible, and see it in realtime. I will celebrate this 175+ score on the LSAT, not as proof of worthiness or who I am but that people can finally see what I knew to be there all along. We all doubt ourselves sometimes, maybe even more often than not. However, we all believe in ourselves in some way, or else we wouldn't be here. Don't be too afraid to speak this intention or dream into existence aloud, or type it in a public forum. You are capable. Don't forget that your first client is yourself.

    Best of luck to us all! Or as they say in Star Wars, "May Warrior's Fortune shine upon you." (You probably thought I'd refer to The Force) Listen, we fought so hard, even during the times we didn't feel up to it anymore. I don't know about you but oftentimes it was obvious to me that I wasn't fighting this test as much as it was my own shadows of doubt/insecurities. We had to uncover how we learn best, provide that to ourselves, and do all that we could to support rewiring our brains to think differently and quickly in a high stakes environment. You have overcome a lot. Cheers!

  • gemini_vegetariangemini_vegetarian Monthly Member
    41 karma

    I'm going to get above a 161 on the November LSAT! :)

  • batkins0024batkins0024 Alum Member
    8 karma

    I am going to get a 155 or higher on the November LSAT!

  • emanalturkyemanalturky Alum Member
    5 karma

    I'm going to score above a 169 on the November LSAT!!

  • naknar11naknar11 Alum Member
    edited October 2021 26 karma

    I’m going to get 170 this Thursday!

  • Whynot160Whynot160 Monthly Member
    60 karma

    I will get a score that makes me happy on the October LSAT

  • dimi.wassefdimi.wassef Alum Member
    8 karma

    I am going to get a 150 or higher on my LSAT! I know that's lower than the others on here, but for me, that's the most realistic! :)

  • mhunt2017mhunt2017 Alum Member
    84 karma

    I already posted but need all the help I can get! I will get a 161 or above on the October LSAT tomorrow!!! :)))

  • taylorhu32taylorhu32 Alum Member
    20 karma

    I WILL get a 170+!!! Good luck everyone <3

  • mallificentmallificent Alum Member
    8 karma

    I will get a 165+ on either the November or the December LSAT!!!

  • rltaterltate Alum Member
    9 karma

    I am going to score AT LEAST a 175 on my first LSAT take

  • tj.stotts99tj.stotts99 Alum Member
    edited October 2021 8 karma

    I'm going to drop a fat 160+ bomb in November

  • kwilliamskwilliams Monthly Member
    9 karma

    I am going to score a 170+ on the November 2021 LSAT!

  • kel.c3171kel.c3171 Alum Member
    8 karma

    160 is my name!!

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